Your check cashing company.

Without risk and compliance.

All SAM Machines are fully compliant with all local, state, and federal rules & regulations. All necessary legal information needed with each transaction is automatically captured and accessible in real-time through our Back Office Dashboard. In other words, headache-free check cashing for our retail partners.

No headache check cashing for retailers.


Use your own bank or use one of our MSB-friendly banks/financial institutions.


 We ACH the full check amount + fees collected back to the partner within 24-48 hrs if a bad check is accepted.


Register trustworthy local businesses in our system for increased verification efficiency.


We even help local authorities track down known fraudsters if they attempt to use our machines.


Automated reporting so you never have to worry. FinCEN, OFAC, and BSA.


Always know where you stand. All transaction history & data is accessible 24/7 through our Back Office Dashboard.


All Checks Cashed at a SAM Machine are Guaranteed by SAM Corp.

Even if a bad check gets through our verification process, we ACH you the full amount plus fees.

Technology & Industry Leading Expertise

Each check inserted into a SAM Machine goes through our extensive verification process. If the check isn't immediately cashed by our Risk Management Algorithm, it is sent directly to the desk of one of our experienced employees for manual verification.

Payroll Check Cashing

Tax Refund Check Cashing

Stimulus Check Cashing

Unemployment Check Cashing

and many more!



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