No more headaches.

If you've done check cashing in the past you know it can create more headaches than it solves. Samco handles these issues and allows our partners to focus on what's important; increasing foot traffic, loyalty, and in-store sales.


Over four years in development and testing, and based on tens of millions of dollars in transactions, the Samco Risk Management Algorithm has proven itself the most trustworthy in the industry.


Risk Mitigation

Our financial commitment to our partners eliminates risk and allows you to focus on growing your business.

  • We have eliminated fraud for our partners

    • You're 100% covered. If a check doesn't pass our algorithm, it's instantly redirected to one of our employees that will go through our risk mitigation process

    • If a bad check slips through our system, we'll ACH you the full amount + the fee at the end of our banks business day (24-48 hrs)

  • Accelerated rotation of working capital​

    • Improved efficiency & increased control​

  • Self-Service Check Cashing

    • Eliminate human error and the possibility of theft​ and robbery

    • Reduce overhead, no employees needed

    • Directly deposit all funds into your bank, no money handling necessary


"You might not find compliance sexy but our banks sure do!"

  • If necessary, we'll help keep you banked with one of our MSB-friendly financial institutions

  • All Samco machines are fully compliant with all local, state and federal rules and regulations​​

  • Our smart software is continually learning and keeping up with changes in regulations, you never have to worry

  • Automatic FinCEN, OFAC and BSA reporting

    •  We red flag all illegal/suspicious looking activity​

  • We even help local law enforcement take appropriate action when necessary​​




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