About SAM Corp.

Committed To Our Partners Success

At SAM Corp, we dedicate 100% of our time and effort to our partners success. 

Our commitment to providing our partners with diversified revenue streams, expanded community reach, and unmatched customer loyalty is exemplified by our gratified and growing clientele. We currently have well over 100 retailers across the country that are leveraging SAM Corp. to their advantage.

We have succeeded in building a team of industry leading experts that possess extensive professional and technical expertise related to retail check cashing. SAM Corp. leverages those resources to your advantage in order to maintain successful working relationships with all of our partners.

SAM Corp. is built on a customer-centric approach that ensures our partners an increase in customer acquisition, customer loyalty, and diversified revenue streams.

Results-Driven Strategic Partnerships

SAM Corp. has created strategic partnerships with key MSB friendly banks, and specialized money service providers to ensure headache-free operation for our retailers. With SAM Corp, our partners have developed the expertise and abilities necessary to become distinguished retail check cashers.

We provide our partners with industry-leading technology that allows for self-service check cashing.

Whether you're a partner or someone looking to cash a check at one of our partners retail locations, we are able to provide seamless self-service check cashing that maintains the utmost care and attention to business, operation, and AML/BSA compliance objectives.



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