"Currency is coming back, with unbanked in mind" - USA Today

Samco Financial

Check cashing is a valued community service that many families depend on. Through vetted marketing campaigns, we drive loyal repeat customers armed with cash to your counters. We've eliminated risk and allowed you to focus on what's important; increasing revenue, customer acquisition, and loyalty.


Over 74 Million working Americans, according to the FDIC, are unbanked or underbanked. With no checking accounts, they are continually searching for places to cash checks.

That’s an audience equivalent to that of the Super Bowl and Black Friday, respectively. In addition, this audience is growing each and every year as more and more families depend on alternative banking methods.

With a SAM machine

you offer a valued community service and gain the opportunity to sell additional products to the customers already in your store.  Our convenience store partners have found that the average check cashers spends $20-50 after using the machine.


Among it's many benefits, Samco Financial:




  • Provides financial services to your customers

    • Check cashing is a valued community service that roughly 24 million households depend on in the US

  • Differentiate your retail business. We provide our partners​ exclusivity in their surrounding area

    • No other machine will be placed within a 1-2 mile radius of an already existing location

  • Creates a fee-based income stream

    • Generate new revenue streams & improve your bottom line​

    • Custom fee rates for friends & family​​​

Expands community reach

  • Unlock the underbanked population. Approximately 20% of US households are underbanked. 1 in 5 households have a check or more to cash each week

  • We'll get you on Google​

    • Increase the number of ways people can find your business​

    • Capitalize on passive consumers searching "check cashing near me"

  • Improve store visibility

  • Promotes financial inclusion

  • Through branded marketing campaigns we drive foot traffic

    • POS Package included​

Creates Customer acquisition

  • Underbanked households depend on alternative financial services for everyday tasks such as paying bills

  • Retail check cashing provides superior transparency, cost, & service to these individuals

    • No hidden fees, faster, safer, and more private service​

  • Grow your retail business while serving the community

  • Increase revenue & take advantage of promotions and sales​ - check cashing brings cash to your counters

  • Customer centric solution that promotes customer loyalty 

ENcourages customer loyalty

  • The check cashing community is known as one of the most loyal customer bases around

    • Start their week by cashing their checks where they already shop​

    • Promotes financial inclusion

  • Once registered in our system, returning customers can cash their check(s) in less than 60 seconds

  • Customizable fee rates to stay competitive generate repeat customers

  • Take advantage of our referral program that expands community outreach

    • Customers invite friends & family to use the machines for a reward




  • We are currently beta testing this technology and will soon have it available at all SAM Machine locations​

  • Trade in old unused gift cards for CASH

  • New customer acquisition

  • Customer loyalty




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