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"Currency is coming back, with unbanked in mind" - USA Today


Check cashing is a valued community service that many families depend on. Through branded marketing campaigns, we help drive loyal repeat customers armed with cash to your counters. We've eliminated risk and allowed you to focus on what's important; increasing revenue, customer acquisition, and loyalty.


Over 74 Million working Americans, according to the FDIC, are unbanked or underbanked. With no checking accounts, they are continually searching for places to cash checks.

That means 1 of every 4 people passing your store won't stop because you don't cash checks. SAM is a customer acquisition specialist that helps you capitalize on this lost potential.

With a SAM machine

you offer a valued service and gain the opportunity to sell additional products to the customers already in your store.  Statistics show that majority of check cashers remain in the store to purchase goods.




  • SAM's Exclusive Territory Clause provides our partners​exclusivity in their surrounding area

    • No other SAM kiosk can be placed within a 2 mile radius of an already existing location

    • Stop sending customers to your competitors and hoping they come back, keep them in your store

  • We don't place SAM machines just anywhere. Our success depends on your success​ so our machines are always placed in the most optimal location possible

  • Our detailed market analysis determines the potential for success in a given location​​​


  • We'll get you on Google!​​​

    • Increase the number of ways people can find your business​

    • More traffic = more revenue

  • Promotional offerings

    • Some of our clients offer a free soft drink with kiosk receipt​

    • Some offer 2¢ off per gallon of gas

    • It's completely up to you though, we're here to help boost revenue in any way we can!

  • Through branded marketing campaigns we help drive paying customers into your store

    • Signage (indoor & outdoor)​

    • Local reach out

Customer acquisition

  • Unlock the unbanked population. 1 in 4 people that pass your store have a check to cash, SAM helps you capitalize on all those potential customers

  • ​More people in your store (especially armed with CASH) means a better chance to sell. Statistics show that majority of check cashers remain in the store to purchase goods​

  • Increase revenue with proper merchandising

    • CASH is the most liquid asset there is. Placing high margin products near a SAM machine means more money at your counter

  • Customer centric solution that creates customer loyalty 


  • Don't forget about the fees!

    • Generate new revenue streams and improve your bottom line

  • ​SAM machines are completely customizable - we'll help you set your fee rates at a competitive level for your area

  • Customize fees for individual customers (family & friends rate)

    • This encourages loyalty and repeat customers

  • Fee split is 60:40 in the buyers favor

    • The 40% covers our No Fraud Guarantee, the lifetime software & hardware warranties, lifetime marketing support, and 24/7 machine support



  • We are currently beta testing this technology and will soon have it available at all SAM machine locations​

  • Trade in old unused gift cards for CASH

  • New customer acquisition


Looking to Cash a Check?